If your buyer can’t get a mortgage with my company, they can’t get a mortgage. I’ve got 75+ different home buying programs, including low credit score, down payment assistance, and self employed programs. Call me and let’s find the right program for your buyer! 678-687-3554.

- Rich Spaulding
President, Motto Mortgage Pioneers

Why choose Rich Spaulding as your Mortgage Broker partner?

  • Money! My real estate partners earn more money. Plain and simple.
    • Are you not reaching your financial goals?
    • My realtor partners earn more money than other agents
    • Options are good!
  • Down payment assistance programs
    • Several down payment assistance programs available
    • 640+ credit score required
    • Interested? Call me! 678-687-3554
  • Low credit score programs
    • 500+ credit score
    • Stable income required
    • 3.5% down payment required
  • Self employed programs
    • Loans designed for self-employed
    • Loans designed for investors
    • More options = save money
Rich Spaulding

Why Rich?

  • 75+ home buying programs available.
  • I’ll always tell you the truth.
  • Communication is my strength.
  • No pressure selling to your buyer. I provide options.
  • Zero cost to your buyer. Saves your buyer thousands.
  • Mortgage broker not a lender. Options not selling.

I care about your buyer! Let’s get your buyer the home they deserve! If you care about your buyer too, please call me and let’s give that buyer an AMAZING home buying experience they’ll want to tell others! 678-687-3554.

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